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My work draws on ideas of the English eerie, investigating the bones beneath the skin of rural England.  The past intrudes on the present and, by virtue of the events the landscape records, shapes the future. Frequently my investigation is through the prism of neolithic monuments and the stories, myths, folktales and memories that develop around them.

Spending time in these places is important to me. Typically they are located away from roads, up tracks and paths and so my process often starts with a walk.  I observe and record the landscape in sketchbooks, photographs and film.  I make drawings, often using twigs and bits of dried plant foraged on the way.​

These records of place live with me for months and permeate my working process. Layers of time are captured in strata of paint, wax, collage.  Past layers haunt the finished work. To this degree my work is a metaphor for the rural landscapes I explore. The human figure is present too, but emblematic, often hard to see, existing outside time, unconfined by space.

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